Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Is John Galt?

You thought I was gone for good I imagine. Truthfully, Husband and I have been struggling financially for some time now, like so many of you. When you're in the midst of struggle, it's difficult to think of anything else but just getting by. I found I simply had nothing to say. However, in light of the ever-worsening political and economic crisis, I am compelled to resurrect this blog. We are truly "through the looking glass" as a nation.
When I started this blog it was primarily for me. I enjoy writing, though I have no fantasies about being a published author. This blog was a way for me to pursue something I enjoy, and to perhaps entertain the few people who read it. I really didn't care if I had a strong following.
The tone of my blog will change significantly. I intend to write about the economic and political climate of the US. I am hopeful that there are still people left in our great nation, and in the world, who possess common sense; those who realize that our current economical and political system cannot be maintained. Now, I do care if people read this blog.
Let my first post address the "Occupy" protesters. What is your beef exactly? It would be entirely helpful to those of us watching in confusion to understand what you are protesting exactly. Are you unhappy that you have student loan debt up to your eyeballs? Welcome to life. There are hundreds of thousands of us who have student loan debt. It's a part of what comes with higher education. Are you upset because you don't have a job upon college or graduate school? You were never promised one. No one just "gets" a job because they've got a degree. There are no guarantees or promises in life. Sorry to disappoint you. You're no doubt part of the "entitlement" generation. I bet you got trophies for every sport you played, even though you were the most uncoordinated, worst player on the team. Are you pissed because the government bailed out the airlines, automotive industry, banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies using American tax dollars? So am I! Where were you with your torches and pitchforks five years ago? Why so late on the uptake? Are you protesting the fact that you want everyone to make the same amount of money? You want a Socialist form of government because it's more "fair"? WAKE UP! Of course what you call the 1% would gladly embrace socialism. As would anyone with something to gain by it. Don't you understand that even in a Socialist society, there are still a very few people who control everything, including wealth? There are still a very few wealthy people and the rest of us are then slaves to the wealthy and the government. Read! Research! Learn history! Are you actually protesting Capitalism? Do you understand what Capitalism is? It's an economic system based on the principle of a Free Market. In a Free Market businesses both succeed and fail on their own accord (meaning with no influence from the government). We no longer have a Free Market in the US because EVERYTHING somehow is controlled or influenced by government/large corporations affiliated with the government. So in effect, our economic system is not even based in Capitalism anymore. How can you defend our current president, Mr. Obama, hand-picking solar panel production plants to receive billions in tax dollars that are now bankrupt? Bankrupt. These companies, like the others to receive "bailouts" STOLE our money. Not the government's money, OUR money. Do you understand where the government gets money to function? From tax revenue. Do you know where tax revenue comes from? That's right kids, the American people.
I say to you again, WAKE UP! The ONLY function of government is to uphold and follow the Constitution of the United States of America. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's fascinating how far the government has overstepped its' original function. Isn't it time for us, those of us with common sense, to take a stand? Isn't it time for us to make better decisions about who we send to represent us in our government? Can't we agree that perhaps electing people, with ties and financial stakes in large corporations is, at best, a conflict of interest? Can we entertain the idea of perhaps electing "normal" people? Not people groomed to be politicians, but just normal Americans? Oh, you say, but they wouldn't have the slightest idea about how to run the government. They wouldn't make good decisions, they wouldn't know what to do. Really? So you think that the government can only be run by an elitist group of people? Hmmmmm, wouldn't that make them a part of the 1% you so despise? The very first presidents of our United States probably didn't "know" what they were doing. It was a lot of on the job experience. Yet, we grew as a nation and prospered and survived. Is it not time for a re-birth of that philosophy: That the government is a function of the people, by the people, and for the people? I believe that it is. But, as the saying goes, who is John Galt?

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