Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Raining and pouring

Well, the good news is that our internet is turned back on. At least there's that.
The bad news is everything else going on in our lives. There's a light through the darkness though, and Husband and I are getting through the hard times.
Since I lost my job money has been very tight. We had our cable shut off for a while (our internet provider too), which thankfully is now back on. I'm sure many of you know how hard it is to get out of a financial hole. It sucks! It feels hopeless and defeating and embarrassing. But we're taking things a day at a time and we're becoming very resourceful at finding alternative methods for making money.
Husband, KB and I recently started cutting firewood to sell, and that is really starting to take off. Our only problem is getting enough wood. It's very hard work, but well worth it.
Husband's grandpa died two weeks ago. This was very hard for him as he was extremely close and fond of his grandpa. Roy was a cowboy, an actual cowboy. Up until two years ago (He died at 84), he still rode his horse regularly and tracked wild horses in the Ochocos mountains in Oregon. He was an amazing man who left an incredible legacy and led a full life. He will be missed terribly, and we are very thankful for the time we were given with him.
But, the death of someone and the money they leave behind tend to bring out the worst in people. Husband's dad is no exception. Unfortuately he has decided to dismiss the wishes of Roy and steal money from his own son. Husband's dad told him that he won't be dispursing the funds left to Husband in order to clear the "debt" that Husband owes him. The only debt I know of is that of Husband being raised by his parents. Husband had no debt to clear. So it's obvious that his dad is just being a prick and trying to punish him for not having the life that his dad wanted him to have. It's very sad because it's driving a huge wedge between them, and consequently me and Husband's parents. It's unthinkable to me that a parent would steal money from their own children. Especially considering the financial situation we're currently in.
However, Husband did inherit a truck and camper from his grandpa, which we are selling. So hopefully that will help some.
As for me, I have been exploring options for a new career. I am strongly considering becoming a teacher. The more I look into it, the more it excites me. So I'll keep you posted on that.
Our little puppy is now as big as our almost two year old dog, Ben. Samson is six months old now and so much fun. He's enormous though. He's going to be a giant dog. I love it!
I can't believe that it's been two months since I posted here last. Dealing with all the shit that's been going on has taken much of my time and energy. When you're struggling to keep the power and water on the last thing on your mind is writing. But things are getting better and hopefully now I'll have more time and energy to write more.
I hope things are better with all of you. I miss you guys!
The picture, if you can make it out, is my most recent injury. I burned my hand very badly while making dinner last week by spilling boiling hot gravy on my hand. Can you say accident prone? My middle finger got the worst of it. It's healing, slowly, with only mild infection. Should be a great scar for my collection!


M@ said...

Always hurting yourself.... :)

you'dneverguess said...

Always, it's like a sickness, really.